Social Media is an irremovable part of 21st Century life, and for photography lovers, it offers a stage for showing their work more effectively. Thanks to social Media, Photography become common as only Facebook has 1.59 billion users while Instagram has 1 billion active users who are posting and sharing pictures all over the world. Overall crowds can be both a gift and a revile so here are some pros and cons about social media impacts on society.


  • Newbies can connect with all over the world

Social media provides free platforms to those who are new to the world. It gives you key networks to increase your followers and build an audience for yourself. You can show your work to all over the world without having a gallery or paying for marketing. You just need a simple reorganization, if your work is liked and shared by some and so by person’s friend list then a sharing chain will be started of your work in all over the world.

  • Digital marketing of work

Social media can definitely make your photography business impact better. It can help you make your brand name, increase your sales, recognize your work all over the world. Here is an interesting fact about social media if you are lucky and work is seen by any big organization or any artist and you are given shout-out by them then your first step towards success has been initiated.

  • Support your work from all over the world

Because the number of people use social media daily you can increase your number of audience and get support for your work by them. Moreover, it will help you to gain popularity among your field and you can discover your best shot approaches by people’s feedbacks. Follower’s response helps you to have know-how about right and wrongs.

  • Connect with like-Mind people

You can find an online community of people like you to help and support each other. Like-minded people help you to nourish your work and identify your flaws. You can tell each other about your experiences and knowledge. Mutual admiration helps you to work harder and find your best styles.

  • Attract potential customers

Social media helps you to gain followers and fans in lesser time and soon your fans convert into your customers. Good thing is that they knew your best shots, your journey your way of work and most importantly they knew your worth. Especially on platforms like Facebook, Flicker and Instagram you just need to boost your content and people can view your work from all over the world.

  • Helps in identifying trends

The most astonishing thing about social media is that it helps you to find what is currently trend-ish in the market, nowadays. In other words, you can tell currently what is in demand in the market. You just need to follow that trend make a hashtag about it and here you go you have a free boost to your work in all over the world.

  • Can share revolting messages with your photographs

Social media stuns you in many ways. If we take a deep look we can tell social media is all not about emoji, sharing content, gossiping or even slags. You can share revolting, positive and enthusiastic messages with your photographs. You can tell the world about hunger, or a massacre going in a third world country, people suffering from a natural disaster or you show can show harmony among different races, cultures and regions of the world.

  • You can find your inspirational photography in just one search

One of the biggest dreams of a fan is to meet his ideal. On social media, you don’t have to wait in long queues or to buy a ticket to have one glimpse of your star and most importantly you don’t need to pay for looking at their work. Just one search and your inspirational photography are on your screen. You can learn a lot by just looking at them and following the right tips.


  • Risk of content plagiarism

No doubt, social media is the greatest platform of the 21st century and it has benefitted individuals more than anything as compared to previous eras. You can have anything on your screen just by a click but it has disadvantages too. Content plagiarism is the biggest con of social media. People copy and even steal others hard work. People need to set boundaries between inspiration and copying someone else work. Thanks to cybersecurity, content stealing is a serious crime now and certain actions like website blockage would be taken against the stealer.

  • Misuse of photographs

Social media is the killer of privacy. Even though you post your pictures in private or you have some protected privacy yet there are still means of exposure to your photographs. Avoid posting such photographs even with privacy on internet that you think could be way to blackmail you. Recent studies show people are living fake lives on social media i.e., they seem happier, rich and generous on social media yet in real life they are totally opposite.

  • Causes Depression, Anxiety and Stress Among People

The biggest ego booster –social media is the reason of depression and complex among individuals according to recent studies. Youngsters post photos of them wearing costly brands, eating expensive foods, luxurious cars and hoteling which causes a lot of stress and competition among their fellows. Some even attempt crime or steal from their parents to stay ‘’cooler’’ on social media.

  • Cyberbullying

Just like modern photography, the bullies have become digitalize too. They hide their face behind a keyboard and make fun of other people talent just because they don’t like it or even due to jealousy. Beginners who are just finding inspiration on social media often become degraded and stops photographing. They even think photography may not be their ‘thing’ and some poor souls commit suicide.




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