Travel photography is a type of photography which includes the photography of different place which you capture during your journey. As a photographer, you will travel to many places and capture them with your camera. You can capture good landscapes, hotels, Buildings, bridges and resorts. Some places do not look that much beautiful in daytime, they look amazing at night. It is very easy for you to capture photographs at night because there are a few people out and you do not need to get worried about the crowd. So it is not that much difficult for you to shoot in dark.

The biggest challenge you have to face when you are photographing at night is getting a right exposure. During the day, you can just hold the camera and start taking photographs without worrying about camera shake. And you will not have to shoot at a high ISO.

When you are on your journey, you don’t need to carry different equipment that you use in your photography. The only thing you must have is a digital camera. Travel photography becomes difficult sometimes. You have to discover new places and explore something new. So it may take extra effort or time.

How to become a Professional Travel Photographer?

  • Planning

You cannot directly jump over to travel photography. First you have to make a plan, do some research. After then you would be able to build up your career in Travel Photography. You must have to set your aim and goals. Once you have done this, move on to the next step. You have a list of your aims and goals. What you want to achieve and what you want to do in future?

  • Equipment

There are a few equipment which you must have when you start your career with travel photography.

  • High quality DSLR Camera
  • Tripod
  • Lenses
  • Extra battery and memory card
  • Post-Process

Un-posed photographs are subject to imperfections. If you are shooting at different locations then you have to set the white balance according to your location. So it’s really important for a photographer to learn light room or Photoshop. You should have the ability to edit perfect landscapes using editing software. Even if you are a new comer who has no intentions of going pro. Hence post processing is the secret to take photos that impress your customers.

  • Build your profile

Now it’s time to build your profile. Every photographer has a proof of his work so that he can impress the client by his brilliant portfolio. If you don’t have a profile yet, then create your profile first. You must have a proof of your work. Without it, no one will believe that you are a professional photographer. You must create your profile on your site. If you don’t have a website then create a website by using flicker. You have created your website. Now upload your impressive and splendid work, promote your profile as much as you can.

Camera Setting required in Travel Photography

  • Aperture

Most of the DSLR brands have two modes aperture and shutter priority. As a professional travel photographer, you must know which mode to use, Auto or manual mode?

  • Natural light

Whenever you change your location, the main point that you should keep in your mind is to shoot in natural light. In travel photography, you don’t need to use external lights.

I extremely recommend you not to use flash light as these flash lights will destroy your photographs. But if you want to shoot at night time, then you need some flash lights to capture the scenery.

  • Auto-focus mode

You have two types of Auto-focus modes. Many professional photographers use this mode to capture the best picture. You must know about the camera settings. It simply helps you to focus the lens on any point.

You should have a knowledge of every mode. To become a professional travel photographer, you have to work hard and give time to your photography. As every profession needs time and practice. Photography comes with practice.

  • Lenses

As a professional Travel Photographer, you should know about lenses. Buy the best lenses for you DSLR camera. Without lenses, you cannot capture distant places and full view of the landscapes, buildings and resorts.

  • Take a lot of pictures

Try to capture more and more pictures. Do not hesitate and it is the worst thing you always do.

When you are taking, you should not see what you are capturing, just click those moments. Try to capture at least 10 pictures. If you are a newcomer than try to shoot more than that. After taking so many pictures, you will get a perfect picture.


  • Shoot in Burst or Driven mode

If you are confused and do not want to miss any shot, then you should captures photographs in Drive or Burst mode. Both of them are the same.

This mode will help you a lot when you capture pictures during travelling. You don’t need to be worried about the good timing.

So if you work hard and give maximum time to your work, then you will achieve every goal of your life.





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